Internet marketing or marketing a product/business on the internet is fast becoming a popular way to build a business. It appeals because you don’t need your own product to be successful, you have a market that shops while you sleep and you can work at your own pace. It is particularly appealing to women with family responsibilities because it allows them to build their internet based business while still taking care of the family and with careful planning it can become a business that provides a regular and passive income.

As a mother of 3 who works full time on building her internet marketing business here are 7 reasons why I believe internet marketing works well for women.

1. Flexibility. One of the most powerful things that running your own internet based business provides is the flexibility to start and stop when you want to. If you have young children or babies at home you can work while they nap. If you have older children at school you can work while they are at school and after they go to bed.

2. Freedom. When people talk about wanting to earn huge amounts of money usually it is not about getting money but it is about the freedom that having that income provides. Internet marketing offers an opportunity to place no limits on the amount you earn, which provides you with the freedom to be at home with the kids, take time off when you want to and enjoy living rather than working to live.

3. Ongoing passive income. Passive income is income that you earn on an ongoing basis after the initial work has been completed. So it may take you a month to write your own ebook, or six months to create your own membership site but once the work is complete you can earn an income from it forever! Yes you will have to update it to ensure it stays fresh and up to date but the initial work is done and now you can continue to sell it over, and over, and over, and over again.

4. Easy to start. It doesn’t take much to get started online except a willingness to learn and the desire and motivation to keep going until you succeed. But it would be foolish to confuse easy to start with easy to make money. You can set up a free blog in the next 10 minutes that’s easy to start, but making money from your blog takes some time and effort.

5. Our natural ability at networking. Social networks are a huge topic right now and relationship building is something that the majority of women do well naturally so we can use that to build relationships online. Finding smaller social networks that will help you to get noticed and build a reputation is as important as focusing in on the bigger ones.

6. We can get started without a product. Thanks to internet marketing systems like affiliate marketing and drop shipping you can sell online even if you don’t have a product and in some cases even if you don’t have a website. Selling other people’s products and earning an income is a great way to get started online. Again easy to start but remember it still takes time and effort to make money.

7. Opportunity to sell your business. In the book The e-myth revisited (great book to read) you are encouraged to build a business that you will eventually sell for a huge profit. It is no different online, there are many people who don’t want to start from the beginning and who will happily buy an established internet based business. Its a longer term goal but worth keeping in mind.

There are so many reasons why internet marketing works well for women but those are the top seven that I have found. Always remember that developing an internet based business takes time and money commitment. There are no short cuts and you could be luckily enough to develop a product that is an instant best seller, or you may spend 2 or 3 years marketing the product you have until it becomes one. The thing to remember is the opportunity is there and it works for those willing to focus on one business and build it until it makes them an income they are happy with before moving on to another idea and another product.