Why wouldn’t you ask this question? With so much literature all over the internet and on the offline world urging you to put your money in the currency trade, you are caught asking yourself if this a scam to just let you part with your money and just contribute to the coffers of brokers and their accompanying firms. You are right to have such a suspicion, which means you are thinking about your actions. Thinking is prudent and prudency is the tool of the smart investor in any situation. FX trading; is it all a scam is a question answered best in the terms of investment and the market characteristics of currency exchange.

Yes, you can make money on the FX market and it is all down to the fact that you are dealing with a commodity that is sustainable and will allow you to make a profit on both ends of the market. Whether the market is in a downturn or it is looking up – money can still be made both ways; it is just a question of prudency and putting your cash in the right place and the right time. The one aspect about FX trading that deludes itself from the whole scam line of thinking is the liquidity of the market and how easily you can pull out and turn your investments into cold hard cash whenever you want. This ease of translating your investment portfolio into money makes FX an attractive location for you to invest in. That is a fact that no one can change about the market and brokers are right in touting this aspect of the currency trade market.

24 hour access to the FX trade market is also another feature that is not a pack of lies. The market starts at one point of the world and ends at another – going full circle like a rotation which means that is really 24 hours accessible. This means you can track numbers and figures from whenever and wherever you are in the world. This also means that the market and all its fluctuations are easily viable even at unearthly hours of the night. This is the charm of the market – its ability to give you total control of your investment options and allows you to tweak and ensure that your decisions and strategies stay on the right path. With an online interface access, you can do this with a laptop in hand and the phone to your broker on the other.

The only gamble that I think you will be taking is when you choose your brokerage firm and the person you will be entrusting your money with. Take a good hard look at their programs and ensure that there are no loop holes. 100% transparency and accountability is the name of the game here and you should have no ‘red tape’ when you do want to liquidate your investments and move elsewhere. Research is important here if you want to avoid a scam.