The Net offers lots of free things, which are real powerhouses. So free does not mean bad or something second class, but it is really a standard in many business tools.

In this article I want to help those newbies, who are thinking how to start your own internet home business free, and still get decent results. I also use all of the recommended methods below, so I have my own experiences about them.

1. First, Start Your Own Internet Business With Your Own, Customized Website.

Your own, customized website is the most important tool, it is like your shop, where all the leads will go. If you are my affiliate, or want an answer on how to start your own internet home business, you will get a fully equipped website, which you can change as you will.

2. Start By Forum Posts

You may have seen in many places online that I strongly recommend quality forums to the people, who ponder the methods about how to start your own internet home business. Why?

Because internet business forums are just great places to learn, to promote and to build reputation. The rule is that you do not advertise there, but do useful questions, which other forum members then comment.

You have to remember to attache the so called sig file in the end, so that your fellows can check how your website looks like. Maybe they will join your newsletter or they even want to buy something.

3. Blogging

Blogs are free, quick and easy to install. The search engines like them, because they have so much original content. Remember to optimize the posts and they will be ranked high on the search engines result pages.

A good way to get traffic is to write comments to other, same topic blogs using your url to be able to get link back to your own website. This will mean a higher search engine ranking. A good target would be one new link a day.

4. Article Marketing

Writing articles has many benefits: you will learn a lot because you just have to learn the topic of which you write, you can share your own experiences, you will get valuable backlinks, when you use the keyphrase with your url in the Bio Box.

Maybe the best benefit is that the article pre-sells your landing page and will build your reputation. There are lots of article directories, where you can submit the articles, but pick those which have the highest PR.

5. Social Bookmarking

These sites build an effective traffic to your web pages and blog posts. You can bookmark every single new page or post and the traffic will come almost immediately. What a nice solution on how to start your own internet home business.

6. Social Sites

I do not like these new sites so much, because there is so much people joining and the information overload is huge. They also need lots of work to keep fresh, but if you are enthusiastic, they can bring a nice extra traffic.

7. Traffic Exchanges

You question about how to start your own internet home business gets one answer in the form of traffic exchanges. The idea is that you get credit by watching ads of other internet business owners and they will watch yours.

If I try to put the above tactics in the order of importance, it looks like this: own website, forum posts, article marketing, blogging ( incl. commenting), social bookmarkings and the rest.

These promotion tactics bring a powerful traffic, when you run them regularly.