If you are one of the majority of people who lack focus in your business then get yourself a network marketing mentor.You need to develop a long term mindset in network marketing.

On paper, it looks most appealing and it’s the one mesmerizing aspect of network marketing which can leave people looking at the industry for the first time frothing at the mouth. The interesting thing was it didn’t mention once the use of multi level marketing or MLM companies or even products and rather than being harassed into looking at an opportunity, I was made aware of the importance of creating extra streams of income using various methods. The term over-deliver has become fashionable within Internet Marketing and you better believe it is just as effective when used in Network Marketing.

The power of attraction marketing is to draw the prospects to you, meaning I get to work with people who actually want to build a business from home and who are interested in the solutions I can provide. I have a successful business teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to attract opportunities into their businesses so they can increase profits and live the lives of their dreams — just as I did with the Law Of Attraction and practical marketing methodology.

We all know that successfully marketing any product or service over time depends on staying current with new techniques and new tools proven to work. You can either attract or repel prospects in your traditional marketing activities such as networking, direct mail, your web site, your brochure, your business graphics, your product or services, etc.

You can also attract or repel prospects in your invisible marketing, the way you present yourself, your attitude, the tone you use, subtleties in the way you run your small business, your thoughts, your actions, your motivation, etc. Obviously, Attraction Marketing is the way you MUST market your small business.

By incorporating Attraction Marketing, your prospect is attracted to you. This got me thinking about how in attraction marketing we try to pull people towards us by honestly sharing our experiences and trying to help others by being a provider of solutions. Then I realized that attraction marketing is in essence a very spiritual practice and I began to think about what I call “spiritual marketing”.

Secondly, spiritual marketing to me has nothing to do with using the “power of prayer” or the “law of attraction” to miraculously manifest a truckload of cash in your backyard. The essence of spiritual marketing can be found in the Golden Rule.

I think it’d be great to see the coin phrase: “attraction marketing” supported by the golden rule, but the phrase “spiritual marketing” in this realm seems a little, well, off the mark. I really find this idea of spiritual marketing intriguing.

Attraction marketing is how professionals generate mlm leads and build their network marketing businesses. Attraction marketing is all about targeting the right MLM prospects and then pre-selling them over a period of time.Attraction marketing is the process you need to consider if you want an extra 10, 15, 20 or 100 prospects coming to you and wanting to hear about your offer.