Many people do not understand what an mlm is so we will take a quick look at what exactly an mlm is and how it can be a beneficial to you to run one.

Simply put an mlm is a multi level marketing business that is often used to draw people in to sales. Many franchises like to use multi level marketing to do sales of things like; beauty products, vitamins, books, or any other item that is generally well accepted and wanted or needed. A traditional mlm also offers the opportunity to sell the company to other people as well. This means that you will sell products as well as recruit others in to sell products. This is often called your downline and you will make money off of what your downline sells. The people above you are often referred to as your upline and they make money on what you sell as well as on what your downline sells. In most mlm programs you can have a downline of up to seven, sometimes more, that you can receive payment from.

While all of that sounds really great many people are concerned that mlm’s are illegal. This is often because it is hard to determine a legitimate business over something like a pyramid scheme. One sure way to know if the multi level marketing is a legitimate business or not, is to understand that a business will not pay you only for new recruits. A pyramid scheme is one that often sounds very much like a multi level marketing business only they do not sell anything, or they sell very little and require you to buy more products then you can sell. Most pyramid schemes also can require you to bring in a certain amount of recruits before you can be paid. Another give away to pyramid schemes is that many times you will be required to pay for all your own training or marketing materials. Pyramid schemes are illegal in almost every country.

There are several types of multi level marketing plans. A few of the more well known plans are: Unilevel, Matrix, and Binary. The unilevel plan is the plan where you have managers and then everyone else below them. There is often a multi level payment plan involved in these where the more money you pay for this business the higher you are in the company. This means you make more money on sales as well as more money on your downline. The matrix plan involves sharing your recruits with others who did not sponsor them into the program. The binary plans require you to get paid in cycles. This means that you will only get paid when you get the required amount of sales required.

When choosing an mlm you want to be very careful, it is often thought that most mlm’s are designed to make the company money and making the distributor fail. This often occurs because multi level marketing companies require you to continue to recruit other people to join the company while over saturating the market with the product line.