Businesses used to look for opportunities to create a network among local businesses to improve relationships and now businesses are required to look around the world for network marketing opportunities now that the global market has changed the landscape. Marketing to a global audience isn’t the best interest for all businesses, but for companies that are selling products online it has been found to vastly increase their customer base. Companies have also found that it helps them gain their sales goals and create an online network to improve their opportunities.

Even ten or fifteen years ago the professional marketing companies had to learn a new aspect of internet marketing. Designing a marketing product representative of a business’s expertise and send it out to companies that may have a use for their services or products used to be pretty easy. Even if the marketing piece didn’t spark immediate sales, if it was interesting enough, it will stay in the minds of the recipients and when the service is needed the company will get the call.

Small, desk top calendars with a companys name and logo was one of the most often used marketing techniques back in the mid-20th century. Insurance companies, pharmacies and many other industries used them as a means of giving the public something that could be used all year long while keeping their name visible. With internet marketing one of the challenges companies face is the opportunity to provide something potential customers can use for a long period of time and keep their name within the spotlight.

This is when the appearance of web logs, electronic magazines and electronic newsletters started along with free web content for new businesses. Sending marketing pieces to companies is still a popular option, but reaching more customers is the main goal. One method of getting the companys name in the light on a regular basis is by offering timely, usable information to industry-specific companies. Even though monthly newsletters are common, the more popular with the recipients is the weekly newsletters with less information.

Web logs, also known as blogs, are starting to take on a marketing life of their own with companies that are paying people to visit certain blogs and write information that benefits the company. Individuals have also started blogs about specific subjects and end up generating large followings with visits to their website registering into the several thousands every day. Companies may be induced to advertise on the site if their product is related to the blog in order to let interested persons know about the services they offer.

An example would be that a person writing a general or specific sports blog with a lot of generated interest, then companies who sell sports equipment would benefit by advertising on the individual blog since the readers would obviously be interested in sports. Companies can realize a better return on their investment in their internet marketing budget by focusing their marketing efforts on a target audience. There are some companies who even have their own blogs in order to offer information about their products to the interested public.