With an estimated 175 billion users online, and with 90 percent of those being search engine users, website marketing is more crucial to your business than ever before. The main goal is getting those visitors to your website and, once there, getting them to take action. It is important to use a business website builder to publish content, which is king in the internet business and crucial for all online marketing.

Using a business website builder for your marketing is no longer an option for any serious business owner no matter what level. Website marketing is structured so that targeted persons will find you on the net which is imperative to those who own websites that provide products or services. Website optimization is a complex process of enabling potential customers to find you on the web and the positioning of a website to the proper market to increase opportunities for sales.

Another thing to be noticed in the concern of website marketing is that content on the landing page should be very powerful and compel the customer to do business with you. The main aim of website marketing is to take your website to the top position in all the major search engine rankings which is accomplished through search engine optimization.

The second tactic for website marketing is article marketing which earn your site some easy back-links increasing your online popularity. Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing is all about getting your website found through search engines by people who are looking for the goods and services you have to offer and a great solution for companies who wish to advertise online.

Site promotion is an effective and cost-effective way of getting good search engine ranking or search engine positioning in the listings on search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. This is a start and a with steady promotion the website can be brought up to the top ranking. Website promotion is an ongoing process, not something that can be done once and then forgotten about. The most important part of website promotion is to submit your site to web directories, search engines and other websites.

Sourcing and acquiring high quality incoming links to your website attracts more targeted visitors and also improves link popularity, which can enhance search engine prominence. Common ways for a Website to be found by someone is with hyper-links from other Websites which are found from a search in search engines. Magazines, TV, radio and banner advertising are other forms of website promotion. Adding your URL to email signatures, newsgroup and forum signatures, business uniforms, promotional items and all business press releases are good promoters as well. Boost your visibility in Google by purchasing adwords or sponsored links where you pay for each visitor who comes via that sponsored link.

So there you have it, it all takes time and experience to see what works promoting your website. Using a business website builder to layout the framework of your site is the place to start giving an attractive look and feel, then submit your site to the major search engines. These are two steps to get you started.