Many people enter the online world hoping to make an income online for them-selves, either and additional income or just to supplement their current job.

But if you’re new to all this, were do you start. Well the simplest of ideas are usually the best and that’s to become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is use by many businesses to promote their products thus having an army of affiliates and rewarding them for each visitor or sale made through an affiliates link.

In general there are two ways to generate an income in affiliate marketing.

Firstly: would be to sign up as an affiliate online to someone selling a product, now this can be either a digital or physical product. You would then be provided with a special link and other marketing products such as banners, ads etc. To promote the product which links back to the website. When someone purchases through your link, you are rewarded with a commission. This can be anything from 5% up 70% or more of the purchase price.

Secondly: would be to sell your own product and set up an affiliate program were others would sign up as affiliate and promote your product, thus you would be paying them a commission for doing this.

Nowadays you can purchase rights to sell products from such places BigPLRFrenzy or just search the Internet for resale rights and you will find many products that you could buy the rights to and start your own affiliate program.

So in this part one of the article you’re going to learn about the process of becoming an affiliate for some else’s product.

There are many places you can go to sign up as an affiliate i.e. Clickbank, if your looking for a digital products.

Many people start of with digital products as there easier to promote and get started with. These range from ebooks, software, audio programs video courses etc.. Plus the commission is usually higher due to the fact there are no physical cost to the customer.

There’s a whole host of products you could promote depending on whichever niche you are in, ranging from products about hypnosis, birds, dogs, cats to business and marketing. Try something your interested in first, it will give you a better start.

You will find when browsing for an affiliate program to promote that there is some rubbish out there, now that may offend some people but if they can’t provide a descent product, website and promotion materials for there affiliates then there not worth sign up to.

To make sure it’s a quality product that you are promoting, you could try purchasing it first. Remember as you start your online business, you want to start out on the right foot and that’s with a good reputation.