What a day of irony on the international news from London! From the hopes of Greek antiques democracy, the torch being lit in Olympus near Athens, to views of Chinese police in Tibet walking the streets, running at and hitting to the ground any saffron robed young man. And then just now to election which have today concluded in Bhutan, the mountain kingdom just over those very high hills from Tibet.

In fact, I noticed, in seeing the long lines of peoples of Bhutan lining up to vote, they are mostly a Chinese people here, even on this divide of the mountains. I suspect there is a mountain pass here, as in contrast the next door neighbors in Nepal seem more of India. Which then makes this sad contrast even more enlightening. When in 1950 China under Chairman Mao invaded Tibet and all those lands up to the great divide. So now, these seeming Buddhist cousins through the mountain passes to those in nearby Tibet, next to democratic India.

And just through that pass or those passes, the soldiers from coastal China are using batons against priests and followers of their very same Buddha from India. Only in Tibet, as we know, did Buddhism realize such an enlightened position in our minds. Movies were made, FDR suggested, that the take off place for the atomic bombs that ended World War Two, had taken off from Shangri-la. Shangri-la? Yes, it was up somewhere mysterious and sacred.

Now, it is where steely eyed coastal Han with very shallow souls are being those holy men, and we say that is wrong, King Wong. Go home. Well, since the Olympics will happen, and we already hear Chinese officials downplaying the importance of the Olympics, and that it is just another event they will be pleased to welcome the world to. Not to indicate in any way that they have the greatest civilization that has solved all the problems of humanity.

In no way do we wish to imply that we are no working together. We are all trying to solve our internal, and yes as you say, some human issues about fair and reasonable treatment of all Chinese people. Oh, yes, the people of Tibet consider they are a part of the great family of China. Ah yes, you have my word on that. It is a very friendly and civilized discussion.

We then look at new footage of more soldiers coming off the train in Tibet; stretching, strutting, walking as if they are the new east side gang here to take over the joint. Get out of my way, I spit on your prayer mat. We have a great glorious civilization to bring to you, so you get off that mat from Buddha, do you hear?

They hear, Chairman Now, that you have brought every most bully hall monitor now in the army, to feel the power. No need for more than a bully club against a monk. This will all die down after the Olympics, when people go home, and something else happens somewhere else. But you do need to watch for cameras when you apply the baton. We have promised so many months of free movement before these games, so these cameras are here. And what an awakening to us all.