The times they are changing, daily, as events around the world arrive to us so much more than ever before. Events of protest in Tibet come to us live, as does activities and horrors from everywhere on earth now. We have today watched the British channel interview, from the back, three women who live in that hell hole on earth run by a hateful fool, Zimbabwe. One of these women is a teacher, we a re told.

Another is a female police officer, the other is a judge. They have large families, one has ten children, and the situation in Zimbabwe has been so debased by the foolish mad ruler, to the state that to buy food for their children, these mothers and professional women must cross the border at the great falls, and sell themselves into prostitution. Only when they have earned enough, can they then slink back home for some sleep with the money and food they have been paid for their services. This is happening there now.

As George Washington scribbled on a note from Valley Forge to the bankrupt Continental Congress, is anybody there? Does anybody care? This horror is not yet at that point, as far we we know, in the barbarity by Chinese against Tibetans. The Chinese leadership has had since 1950 to plan this taking of the wild west by Chairman Mao in 1950. Tibet has been on the4 back burner, but now, with prosperity and general acceptance of our glory and worth in the world, China now feels free to apply it’s benevolence towards the people, and most essentially, the core faith and nervous system of that which has been Tibet.

This first land to really embrace the eight divine rules of pure thoughts and acts of great Buddha now finds that Chairman Now says that no longer pleases him, and it is rather off with their heads time. They would understand, this inspired greatest civilization ever does these things from time to time. And we do not need a Nancy Pelosi kind of trouble maker getting us off our tracks.

China, we can be sure, is putting into place a complex web of ways we could not imagine. How can we keep in line one billion three hundred million buzzing bees? We can provide them all cell phones. And it will take some work, but our new great hall of bunkers under the Forbidden City will be our quiet great display of lights. Better than the above ground Olympics you can be sure. Some might suspect it will be way grander than if you placed the now retired aircraft carrier, Big John, down under the palace along with his still active brother, the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln.

You have toured, yes? Our new bunker is like both of those aircraft carriers, with more than all their blinking lights, only better. Look, your cell phone is ringing, there you are way over there on our screen, you see? It is from Tibet. Do not answer, only trouble. There, now, you see, no problem. The line has gone dead. Not wise to use some words on phone, when we are all in the system. Yes, comrade? Oh, Athens, where is your torch? It is need to enlighten a Middle Kingdom now.