For me, to watch a television debate of delegates of Europe,is almost as being in a Greek antiques forum to watch diplomats of various attitudes and locations speak their mind clearly and firmly, even with emotion that speaks volumes about historic differences and feelings of abuse or remorse unresolved.

Right now, I am watching Russian delegates debate democracy with delegates from the European Union. You can imagine that I am aware I am watching what ranges between profound and stupid discussions, that speaks to the core of basic human issues on different solutions to basic human problems.

There is being a major re adjustment of world powers now, with the rise of China and India in their abilities of their people, and in Russia with the vastness of the gas and oil in Siberia. Meanwhile, to the south of Siberia, an ancient Chinese belief is that this is the land of their ancestors and is really of them.

Siberia is more than half the land mass of Russia. Not too far east of Moscow over the Caucasian Mountains are golden people of Asia, through to the Pacific. At this eastern portion of Russia they are a much more Asian kind of people. History says that it likely was eastern coastal Asians that went over the land bridge below the polar cap into America.

And even east Asia has more in common with the Americas in the past 30,000 years than those Muskovites from Europe. Ivan, your Mongol peoples you only conquered in recent centuries, may change your fate again.

I would bet on the one billion three hundred million golden hordes over the declining one hundred and forty million peoples of Russia, who really only know that beyond Europe lies Siberia, where you go to work to your death.

Down south, the children of the mighty Khan print in their school books that golden people go up to the Arctic sea. Which, really they do. So while Moscow assumes ownership over these different people in the east, and bullies Ukraine and Poland with oil and gas from Siberia.

Do so, Ivan, while you may. But we hear that as often happens, peoples from a highly populated area are finding their ways to spill into more northern and isolated areas, as the climate warms.

Watch your backside, Ivan. History is all against you, empires build, and then shrink. European Russia is not of Siberia, with the slave labor for salt Siberia has been the hell hole of the world.

Beware, Ivan. A Panda to your south has in his long plans that it is his. And really, the people of Siberia, all the arctic, and into America were all of east Asia.

So we could all be more aware changes are yet on their way. East or west, there are new empires building, and so back east, more quietly a great golden dynasty as never seen. Asians hop skipped down the American coasts as the ice retreated, and were here to meet the Spanish to their ruin in central America, then greet the Mayflower.

Sigh. Some good and great events occurred when we all met, and that may be about to continue. Unless you are a Tibetan trying to meditate freely, the world is opening up to you. And we applaud those actions of brave people who ask for freedom, as this monk on the plateau in Tibet just told us in secreted television news. Oh, wheels of freedom, you do grind so slowly.