The Economist reported a survey by the Pew Institute of America recently that was very revealing about personal attitudes of elder people in selected nations around the world. They were asked that if they had to suggest one nation in the world to a younger loved one that they would recommend they move to for a better life.

Only a majority of one of those dozen nations chose America, and that was India. Now that says obviously no Latin American nation was surveyed. The most popular destinations were Australia and Canada. British would first select warmer Australia, then Canada. French and Germans would choose Canada.

And so, amazingly, would the people of China. Here, as before the mention of Canada as being the Golden Mountain, cold like Beijing but you can get rich and be free. And what do you know, but our greatest immigrant group since China took over Hong Kong is from China. My Irish grandmother would be up in arms.

Ironically, also for the French, their favorite destination as grand papa would suggest, is Canada. And here in Canada we are seeing documentaries of Parisian French, rather than the village people, coming into Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and where urban French are welcomed and fawned over.

It is a great win win and enchanted young Parisians are opening true French latte shops to the fawning acceptance and line ups from the more provincial French of Quebec. A sense of that might be if a rave New York bistro opens a NYC type shop elsewhere, it may be banned in Boston but a great hit in Peoria.

Canada has west coast cities that have seen their Asian population explode to becoming the majority in scant decades. that this is happening when merchants must learn to sell their wares in a mall with a sign fairly indicating 25-50 percent off in Hindu, Mandarin, Parsi, Vietnamese, Thai and others.

Why offend a walk by customer, has become the accepted code of good conduct. This should be happening more in London and Paris and Berlin, as well as Baghdad. If we can trust that we are all only here a limited time and that God or Allah or Confucious or who is vital to you, must be accepted that no longer can one be master race or caste over another.

Time, gentlemen, please, the English bar keeper would say all too soon. Well, we could tarry, mix each our native most healthy food or drink and partake in a long overdue Peace and Blessings Stew, or a Forgive Your Enemy Soup, or a Savor Your blessings Peace Pipe.

Enjoy Your favorite Take Care of Your Body Nutty Fruit Salad. Take your daily Thank a Mentor vitamin pill, and smoke the peace pipe to Develop Strategies to Cope with Hardship and Stress. Mother in law loves you, really.

If not, then you make it happen. Or go quietly and meditate. Smoke the Peace Pipe again, with mom in law.

They did a movie about that 35 years ago. Boy, did those two get along after that. I think it was brownies. Mother in law always headed for her son and law and said let’s go cook brownies. It happened. Well, you may do better with her brand of sherry. Your call. And then make Chinese food, and do her laundry, and you are in like Errol Flynn Wong. Smiles.

We are all as one under God, Lincoln said, and I believe.