The rich irony of our ever more wired world is to watch the fabled Greek antiques Olympics Torch being lit on the original grounds in a ceremony just now. It and each speaker speaks of the vital touch of humanity that comes from us all out of these games. They were a fair and honest test of the best athletes from all over Greece, and now over the world.

All wars would be put aside, and honest civil rights to all was really the point of this, as much as the scholarly debates brought forward the best in our minds, so did the games with our bodies. All these warriors were one as free as the other, each could speak his mind.

And as the Speaker, in front of a large crowd of dignitaries including many leaders of China, listened and nodded their heads. While their rifles nodded heads in Tibet. So we shall see. And, as the crowds cheered that famous first runner this time female, after all that blather about democracy and the free rights to all, started on a five continent, twenty one city tour of the world.

And then that torch, which really has them looking like the statue of liberty, reaches China, it will be proudly carried aloft through one hundred cities in China. I wonder how well the crowds cheer if it dares go near Tibet. Although, they do as in hockey, have the biggest bullies born in January go through each grade pushing around the other children born later and a bit smaller, and you get picked to be the Hall Monitor because you are tallest and can keep order better.

As my international program just showed, I was just explained this by a child in a Chinese classroom. So I got to see what a great triumph it was when a smaller boy challenged their hall monitor, who many said to the camera was a bully who pulled your shirt, to a vote. A cute little school girl looked into the camera and said what is this vote?

When told, and carried out, the wild excitement of the children and cheers as the smaller boy was picked. The teacher, who by tradition had appointed the tallest boy to keep order, so she sternly reminded the class they would have to listen to the new hall monitor and not ignore him because he was small. His short speech said that he would ask you politely first. And he would not pull your shirt. The class exploded into cheers.

Those hall monitors have all been promoted to bully duty at at the end of the new train to Tibet. How well will that contrast with the lovely Athenian Chinese goddess with a torch of freedom on the streets of Llasha. She should not wear dark saffron.