The timing could not have been worse or better depending on one’s perspective despite the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to pull out all the stops to make sure the upcoming Summer Olympics is a great show. Too bad.

It’s certainly hard to penalize the athletes that have worked so hard but the Olympic Committee knew when they picked China this might happen and the Committee should have known better. The Committee was obviously trying to make a political statement by saying ‘see, all is well in China.’

But all is not well in China. All is not well now and was not well when the Olympic Committee made their hosting decision. Strange though, why would the Olympic Committee put the Games at risk by choosing an oppressive high risk host?

Was the Olympic Committee in fact making a political statement by using the Games and athletes as a perverted form of bait? How else can the Committee’s decisions be understood?

The Olympics advertisers also knew something like Tibet might happen but they were willing to take the risk. They saw the big bucks and were willing to bet that no flare-ups would occur and they would have a handsome return on their marketing investment.

Everything about the Olympics reeks of dollars and yen. There was no moral decision here; simply a matter of advertising power and if the show goes on with no hitches it’s a sure to be a big marketing winner. Bingo.

What’s a poor soul to do with their sympathy for other poor souls in Tibet?

For one, if you see the product you are getting ready to buy is made in China, look for one next to it that is made in Mexico or Brazil.

Even if it costs a few extra pennies it won’t hurt and it won’t take much effort but the one thing it will do is send a whopper of a message to the Chinese Communist Party which seems to only understand money.

Money drives the Chinese Communist Party and they will not listen or improve unless something or someone starts to cost them money. If North Americans and South Americans and Europeans and Asians stopped buying Chinese, the Red Giant would reverse course.

Well, maybe not entirely. But what is the alternative and doesn’t common decency say we should at least try?

Your participation doesn’t have to be flashy and it can certainly be anonymous, but hopefully you are a sentient being and can spread the word by forwarding this simple concept to others.

This all can be done very low key. In fact, you can turn this into a spiritual or even Buddhist experience; Buddha won’t mind. And like a good Buddhist you don’t have to brag about doing your good deed; your good deed brings its own reward.

Right now someone in Tibet is praying for your help so as you fill your shopping cart think “Free Tibet”.

However, by simply buying a non-Chinese manufactured product you can not expect to bring hard line Red China to its senses and Free Tibet. But collectively if millions start doing it then it will be noticed because sales and revenues start to drop.

Don’t forget advertising and oppression also run on cash.

If the advertisers don’t get their huge spike in sales from Olympics advertising then maybe next time they will consider such risks before plopping down their big marketing dollars.

In that respect Coca Cola is a lot like China; Coke really doesn’t care unless its revenues get hit. Anyway, not much Coke is sold in Tibet.

It’s simple: you see the ad, you boycott the product. Cause and effect.

Go ahead, it won’t hurt. Just remember that in China not only would you not be allowed to read this article but it would be banned on the search engines as well. Or rather it would be banned to the extent the search engines could filter it out. The government would also ban you from forwarding it.

Maybe the Dalai Lama isn’t a good general or wartime leader and maybe that’s what Tibet needs right now. That’s something the Tibetans will have to work out.

The Dalai Lama may not be willing to stand up to the Chinese but that is not the case with all Tibetans. If Tibetans are revolting against Chinese oppression they at least deserve our respect and support. Talk about underdogs…

The least we can do is give them a hand, even if it is in our own small way. Buddha won’t forget…

But in return Buddha also expects you not to forget to Free Tibet.

Free Tibet.