Each morning telecast from other time zones now tells us who decided what where and why, and which ways the money will flow as a result. We can pause, but not for long at the varieties of riots and fatalities and train wrecks of the day, and seek out the wheat from the chaff.

Again, further discussions in Europe make it clear that at least talk goes on while events unfold. This applies to the fact that a vast swath of Europe now extends from the Atlantic all up through the North Sea and into the Baltic Sea, and all of the portions of the old Roman Empire other than north Africa and west Asia, Turkey and such.

Hence the names, as a shorthand that the voices who spoke as Europe seriously consider the greatness of the Moorish civilization would fit in naturally with that of Romance language and Germanic speaking Europe.

No more Crusades. No burning of Carthage. No Christians thrown to lions. Wisdom from Moorish, Roman, Teutonic books of wisdom taught to all in this great new dream and inspiration. While some build walls, wiser more brave hearts tear down that wall. The voice of Ronald Reagan shocked us all with that.

John Kennedy had only dared say in German I am a Berliner. Reagan’s words so pure and honest at times to the evil empire shocked them as well, and like the emperor lacking clothes it was soon all over but the rebuilding.

And what a re building in a way that brings the empires of Roman, Germanic, and Moorish to an area that would thrive. Each has advantages in specific areas, the usual model of Europe expanding would boost all economies across north Africa and Turkey, anywhere they encompass.

The great reformer Kemal Ataturk brought Turkey modern dress and codes: Germany trembles, but it should not be isolated guest workers any more, all in this together.

Old Europe, the tight cluster who began all this to end wars forever after 1945, Germany and France and the core small Benelux three who first frightened Germans and French when they took down border patrols between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

For quiet long months the world watched and did not come to an end. Each of the original inner club put tight border controls on France and Germany to show they were still alert to not allowing terror into their club. This so frustrated trade and commerce, and so impressed the German and French leadership, that they hesitantly agreed.

And so they set up strong defenses against their other nearest neighbors such as Spain and Austria. Then they opened their borders to allow people to get on a train in Paris and travel to Amsterdam, switch trains and be in Berlin for dinner and no passport shown. It became clear that those inside The Club were now prospering as their commerce and people traded and traveled and shopped, as if going between Baltimore to Boston, state boundaries of no concern.

Elderly who recall war and famine are the most impressed as they pass from tiny Holland into mighty German and do not have to salute or click their heels. And the shops of Berlin are exciting and lively, and different than those in Paris that we saw last week.

And these modern Teutonic knights and ladies may work in Estonia, shop in Rome, winter near Carthage in north Africa, and leave your passport home. Not yet, Salladin, but your turn is coming. If they help you prosper at home, and they will, you can come once we have gotten a science degree into you.

This will be helped by grants and from the job your dad got at the new wing assembly supply plant for a new Euro aircraft. This march of the wealthy center has lifted Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal to a generally high standard of living, and oft-decried regulations for health to all.

It could do this for all nations and peoples around that old Roman sea. And a few decades from now, if we can calm the boiling waters further east, will be a future we can all feel pleased about.

Perhaps the rebuilt Carthage, in tropical north Africa, will be such a popular winter health spa you might want to say your name quietly but loudly say you are from Hannibal(Missouri)not from Rome, and you have not sword nor salt. You may get the royal suite. But leave your elephant in the yard, you understand.