Firstly, it is very important that you understand the difference between viruses and spyware because they are completely different.

I will define them below, but an anti-virus product will not deal with spyware issues and therefore it must be tackled seperately.

Let me go through both:


A virus spreads malicious software from computer to computer which can cause disastrous effects to your system.

They can be caught through downloading files, receiving emails, floppy disks, USB’s, CD’s etc.

These viruses can only be removed effectively using Anti-Virus software, which your computer comes with when first purchased. (I talk more about this on Day 5 of my course – sign up above if you’re interested)


Spyware is unwanted software which collects information about you without you knowing. It’s caught through regular use of the internet.

The spyware itself can monitor your keystrokes, scan files on the hard drive, install other spyware programs and gather information about your email addresses, passwords and credit card numbers.

Spyware cannot be removed with an Anti-Virus product because the software see’s spyware as a ‘safe and trustworthy file’ due to being programmed to only detect viruses.

For this reason, Anti-Spyware software was produced to get rid of the spyware. If both types of software are used together, you can enjoy a bug-free and speedy computer.

You might be thinking to yourself though, how do I know if I have spyware problems?

Below are detectable symptoms of spyware:

– Your PC Runs Slower Than Normal

– You are Bombarded With Annoying Pop-Up Ads

– New Toolbars Have Been Added To Your Web Browser

– Unknown Programs / Icons / Desktop Shortcuts Have Been Installed On Your Computer

– For Unknown Reasons, Your PC Will Crash & Literally Have A Mind of Its Own!

If you have noticed any of these criteria above, I strongly suggest you look into solving the problem as soon as possible.

In order to solve the problem the quickest and most efficient way is to use a spyware removal program.

Basically, these products will scan your entire PC for you, checking every single area in the search for spyware and adware infections.

If they find any, you have the option of either quarantining the infection or deleting it completely.

The only reason someone would quarantine an infection over deleting it is because it may be a file that your computer needs (ie the antispyware product *may* make a mistake, but this is very unlikely).

Be warned though, make sure that you choose a reliable spyware removal software product, because there are many out there that simply do not deliver what they claim to.