The very best way to determine if some browser is the one for you is to download your personal copy and test it, since all are free. It only takes a few minutes and your new browser is up and running. If you choose to download Mozilla, you can get additional tools to personalize your copy of Firefox, thereby making it even better. You can download the Google and Yahoo toolbars with built in Pop-up blockers and antivirus protection.

One of the great features of this browser is the toolbar for the homepage, which is very much like your toolbar in Windows Word. Instead of leaving your browser as you have to do with some other browsers you can simply click on File on the left side of the Browser and go to a Blank document or to Open file and then to My documents.

On the downside, the Firefox toolbar cannot be configured as you like as the toolbar on Internet Explorer.

If you are doing research on the Internet and need to make notes or write an article there is no need to move back to your desktop and open Word or Wordpad while using Firefox as you do with some browsers. You simply click on File on your toolbar and a drop down menu appears. Click on the new document icon for a blank page or click on Open file, if you want to continue writing in a document, you already have as a working document. Click on My Documents and click on the File you want to open. Notice your browser Toolbar looks like the Word toolbar because you have an Editor built into your new Browser. It is easy to open a Blank document or an existing File from your new browser.

While writing notes, continuing with a working Document or writing an entry for your blog you can work offline. There is no need to stay online and you do not need to close your Mozilla browser. On the right side of your toolbar click on Tools and a drop down menu will appear, simply click on Work Offline, and then return to your document and do your writing. When you have completed your notes, blog entry or your document you can go back online by doing this. Click on your Tools link in the toolbar when the drop down menu appears click on Work Offline and you will be back online immediately.