If you want to be 99.9% safe when using the Internet, and clean off spyware from your computer, you need to use an antispyware software product. Essentially, this will obliterate all the spyware problems that you might have. Many users think that using an anti-virus product will remove spyware, but this is 100% incorrect.

Please read the next sentence very carefully:


You *cannot* get rid of spyware with anti-virus software, because the software simply won’t detect them. The software sees the spyware on your computer as a ‘safe and trustworthy file’ as it has been programmed to only detect viruses. For this reason, Anti-Spyware software was produced. If both types of software are used together, you can enjoy using a bug-free computer.

Which Is Best?

Now that you know an anti-spyware product is needed, you now need to make sure you have the best product for the job. I’m sure that you have seen a number of spyware removers on the Internet. I have to say, this kind of software is *brilliant*. It scans your entire computer (just like an anti-virus package would) and it will get rid of all spyware infections no knowledge or action is needed on your part. Brilliant eh!


Many of these spyware removal products only get rid of the *majority* of spyware infections. This problem is even worse with the free products, they simply have tiny spyware databases and so it leaves your computer half done. Not good, and not a solution to take. I’ve been extremely unlucky in the past having purchased (and consequently refunded) 5-6 software packages. Eventually I came across one product that actually lived up to the job. I highly recommend it to you because it really does *remove* all those horrible spyware infections.

Best Feature:

If it can’t remove a certain spyware virus that you have lurking on your computer, the software will send the details to the company, and they will *personally* see that it is removed. So there you have it, you now know how to clean spyware off your computer.


Make sure that you use an anti-spyware product and that you don’t attempt to remove any spyware manually.

Steer clear off the 100% free packages because, even though they are free, they simply won’t remove many threats and will leave your computer partly infected.

It may be that you think spending money on anti-virus and anti-spyware is unnecessary, but look at it this way.

When you buy a car, you need to fill it up with petrol, replace the oil, top up the windscreen washer fluid, check the tyres, take it in for a service, etc.

Well to be honest, when you buy a computer, i’m afraid you can’t expect to just use it and never look after it. You need to run antivirus programs, antispyware programs and consistently defragment it.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your computer breaking down and not working.