Unfortunately for computer users spyware has become the primary threat when surfing the internet and as the problem continues to grow the likelihood that users can stay “spyware free” is lessened.

The nuisance with spyware, aside from its annoying byproduct consequences, is that users often invite the invasive application into their computers by visiting web sites with spyware embedded in their homepage. By visiting such a site you are inadvertently allowing spyware to detect and record your personal information and computer usage habits.

Other possible occurrences that could have led to your computer’s spyware infection happen when you download freeware such as game or music programs. Spam messages and pop up ads are also full of spyware threats that attack once you click on the lure.

A computer user’s first line of action against spyware is to use a well known and effective firewall so you are notified and asked for approval before programs are allowed to download. Using spyware scan and removal tools are perhaps the most effective method for ridding your computer of spyware. Download a spyware tool and run its scanning feature which will reveal spyware infections that you can choose to have removed.

Use these tools on a regular basis and keep them updated so your computer is being protected from the latest known spyware threats. For computer with multiple users it is recommended you run the spyware scans while signed in under each name so that all spys are caught.