When spyware invades a computer system it monitors, records and sends out to intruders information on your computer usage and internet habits and it can possibly detect private banking and security information which could result in identity theft. Computers are easily infected with spyware while users click around online or download freeware.

The Norton Internet Security Professional software is one of the top rated computer security tools for its ability to detect and fix viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, joke programs and other malicious codes that can end up in security risks. The capabilities of all types of spyware are numerous, ranging from annoying consequences such as pop up to detrimental occurrences such as identity theft and complete computer failure.

Using the Norton security tool you can also screen incoming emails so as to avoid any that are linked with malicious viruses. However well the Norton Security Professional tool works, it is unlikely the program will catch all threats, especially spyware because of its widespread possibilities.

To more thoroughly guard yourself and your computer from spyware threats, use more than one spyware security tool, such as Ad-Aware by LavaSoft or Spybot search and destroy. Both of these programs are free for download and they work by scanning specifically for known and defined spyware threats. Using more than one internet security tool is necessary for catching both virus and spyware threats.