Spyware and viruses infect an individual or business computer in many ways, from the obvious methods to the sneaky, back door tricks. Viruses are designed to interrupt and alter normal computer functioning and spyware is intended to literally spy on its victims, all the while recording their personal information. Either infection, no matter what the method in which it intruded by, can cause an array of difficulties for the computer user.

Often times viruses and spyware are put into your computer by opening insecure emails and sharing files with infected computers. Spyware also intrudes as a “ride along” on third party software you might purchase and download online. In other situations spyware and viruses find a “back door” in your computer and use it to install their malicious codes.

Signs your computer has been affected by viruses or spyware could be unusual behavior and slower functioning.

Unauthorized dial out from your internet connection are most likely spyware applications. Other common signs include browser crashes, longer boot ups, more pop ups and possibly missing files.

To get rid of any virus or spyware infection back up your files and scan them for viruses and/or spyware. Keep your virus and spyware software updated and run the scans regularly. If you have no spyware or virus scanning software it is recommended you find a free programs that will detect and warn you of possible infections.

Once you have the proper software it is important to get rid of spyware infections and viruses as well as protect your privacy and your computer from further invasions. If spyware has latched onto your computer and at scanning tool catches it you will most likely have to remove the entire programs to completely rid yourself of those spyware applications.