We have received some emails where our visitors have responded to lottery scammers with their personal information.

Please, never, ever reply to any email that claims you have won a prize. What is worse, if you send money over to them, there is nothing that we can do. Not even the police or FBI can help you because it is not easy to trace every single scammers when they are overseas.

Whatever you send over is most likely gone forever, unless you are those few lucky chap where]]> the scammers are too stupid to know how the cover their tracks.

Secondly, due to the duplication of scam mails, we might not publish all mails forwarded to us. However, we would like to thank you for the submittal, and we sincerely hope that you can continue to do so at your convenience.

Due to real life work, we will be updating our site 2 or 3 times a week. If you think any of the scam mails sent to us require urgent attention, you might like to add a note on the subject line, e.g. “New Scam” or whatever.