There appears to be quite a bit of interest in the lottery scams as compared to the old inheritance scam, both of which are 419 variants. However, we are not going to talk about those 419 lottery scams because they are easy to spot.

The next person to ask me if those lottery winning emails are scam, I would ask you to go ahead, read all the published mails and choose one to try out yourself. If you still don’t get it after reading through]]> all the lottery emails… wow. Simply go ahead to reply to the ‘free emails’ (i.e. emails from hotmail, yahoo, etc) and tell them you would like to collect your money. You are destined to be scammed (did you watch Final Destination 2?), so I’d better get out of the way.

However, we intend to publish our views regarding international lottery websites some time this week or soon. We are still searching for some answers… hey, who doesn’t want to be rich?