How many times must we educate people that names stated on scams are mostly fake names.

An exception are names reported in the news that are real names, and we are not going to hide that.

So if you find any names inside here belonging to anyone you know, they are not sent from the real person themselves. But should we not report them? We are not reporting that the “real person” has scammed, but that there is this “scam going around with the fake name So-And-So”.

So how does this help our readers? When you received an offer that you suspect is a scam, you would normally search the web for such information. So most (not all) anti-scam sites would state that it is a scam, and that the name is fake.

Assuming that nobody reports Yahoo, Google, Coca Cola, or John Doe scam, but these scam mails are sent to thousands worldwide, then alot of people will be scammed.

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