We received an email from uvic.ca saying that:

“Phishing E-mail citing:

“Thanks for “supporting” spammers, by hosting their images!!!!”

The above image was used in phishing email. We understand your concern, but we have decided that this is not a big issue. The following are our reasons:

Firstly, it will be stupid for spammers to “cite” an anti-scam or anti-spam website. Thanks, they just referred their targets to HotScams.com and the readers will know its a scam. Perfect, that]]> is what this site is for, to warn potential victims of scams.

Secondly, their emails did not “cite” hotscams.com. It will be interesting to see what they write when they are referring to us.

Thirdly, regarding the image. The spammers can use images from almost anywhere. If they can afford a website for phishing, why should we need to bother if they intend to link to our content images here. And thanks. If readers would like to check, please find out more about these phishing scams from HotSCAMS.com.

Lastly, we don’t bow down to spammers simply because they use our content here, or do funny things. They only have to note that the link will contain the word “scams”, because our domain name is called HotScams.com.

So, we are not worried about it. They can use an image from the bank’s website if they wish. So is the bank helping to host spammer’s image, or maybe all websites should remove their logo to avoid being used in spam mails? Ask PayPal, eBay, or Amazon.com for a start.