We have been thinking for quite some time and decided to take over the running of a new website at findrich.com, but over there we will post the opposite of what we deal here at hotscams.com.

Unlike this site that deals with scams, findrich.com will be a commercial website dealing with business ideas, money-making opportunities, and articles about better living, etc.

Not to mistaken, findrich.com will not be about get-rich-quick schemes, fake lottery, pyramids etc. Scams remain as scams and we keep them here at hotscams.com.]]> Or opportunities or whatever offers that are proven as a scam later on will end up here at hotscams.com

And no, don’t even hope that any of those “million dollar” emails that we normally receive everyday will find its place at findrich.com. You will never find yourself getting rich in these 419 scams, lottery scams, job scams, etc.

While we don’t endorse any marketing ads on our site, findrich.com will be a totally different case due to its exploratory nature.

Check out Find Rich.