]]>Forex Scams
A forex scam is any trading scheme used to defraud individual traders
by convincing them that they can expect to unreasonably high profit by
trading in the foreign exchange market, which would be a zero-sum game
were it not for the fact that there are brokerage commissions, which
technically make forex a “negative-sum” game”
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Beware of Fake Subscription Scams
“The reported scams include fake magazine
subscriptions and schemes with young females soliciting money with no
apparent product to sell.”

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Door-2-Door Contractor Scams
Idaho consumers were warned of paving scams by door-to-door contractors who quote high price and deliver sub-standard products for repair works.
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Celebrity and Internet Scams (Featured News!)
It has been well known that 419 and similar lottery scams are using some big names for their scams. Big names such as Yahoo, Coca Cola, Heineken, MSN, etc are not spared by the scammers in the plot. Now, this news report about scams that uses the name of well-known celebrity to boost the “credibility” of their “get-rich-quick” schemes (aka scams).