Someone asked about this Lottomania French Lottery Group:

Would like to know if the message below and the attached documents are one of the scams that is going around?

Apparently, this is another scam. So what does a lottery scammer do?

1) They will ask you to pay for something (e.g.  “clearance fee”, “delivery”, etc)  to collect the “prize money”. Isn’t this stupid. Real lottery does not require you to pay a single cent. If they do, ask them to deduct from the winnings.

That is why we say scammers are morons.

But you don’t have to become one by believing in this email rubbish.

2) Once you are on the “hook”, they will continue to RIP YOU DRY. It might not be a single payment. As long as you continue to pursue the “Prize”, they will think that you are still believing in the scam.

You will become their Cash Cow, and they will slowly squeeze your bank DRY.

===== Attached =====



This is to confirm to  you that we received a payment instruction in your favour from lottomania french lottery group (online sweepstake international program) .The payment is valued at  one million one hundred and sixty six thousand British pounds sterling  only(GBP1,166,000.00).


In accordance with the United kingdom policy on cross boarder transfer , you are expected to fill in the attached international application form for overseas transfer and send it back to us , this is to enable us initiate the process of documentation/paper work and get an approval from the Finance and treasury department of the United kingdom for the transfer of your fund to any account of your choice. This form must also be returned with a copy of your identity document.


Thanks for your cooperation
Yours truly
Mathias Cole
International transfer section.
Royal merchantile Bank of  United Kingdom