We are creating a new category of scam called “distress scams” (go buy this domain name quick!!! just kidding). It appears that this hot scam is spreading like wildfire and we are getting one or two of these news every other day. We had one where a Walmart employee saved a 83-year old from the scam, and now another from England.

When you received a call like this, do not ask us. Call your “friend” or “family” member using the contact information that you know. Do not do this After you have sent the money. Do not BEFORE you sent any money.

This news is exactly what will happen when you send the money BEFORE you decide to call your friend and family to ask if its real.

And just like lottery, 419 scams, etc, the scammer will continue to ask you for MORE money as long as you still think its real. This is what we called “Milking the Cow”. Don’t let others Milk you bank account.

A Kingman resident was allegedly scammed after receiving an e-mail from a friend who needed money.

The friend explained that he was in London, England and had been robbed at gunpoint.

This person reportedly requested that the victim wire $500 through Western Union so he could return home.

After the money went through, the victim apparently received another email asking for $700 more to make up for the exchange rate, which the victim supplied.

When the victim was called shortly after by a man with a British accent who claimed to be the friend and asked for $1,500 more, the victim became suspicious.

The victim then emailed the friend asking for the nickname of a mutual friend.  When the victim did not receive a response, the victim called the friend who was at home and not stranded in London.