When the elderly first approached the Walmart employee, the latter should have warned her that there are ongoing scams that targeting elderly folks like her. In fact, they tried to process the payment and found that it was refused “for an unknown reason”. The advise is to contact the real person directly using phone numbers already known and not provided by the “grandson”.

In an earlier report, the Walmart employee did the right thing by refusing to process the payment, and also warned the elderly about the scam.


A 73-year-old Elyria woman was scammed of more than $6,000 by a man who claimed to be her grandson over the phone.

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The woman told police she received a call on Feb. 4 from a male claiming to be her grandson “Aaron.” He told her he was involved in an accident in Greece and needed $6,000 to pay for damages to a rental car. He instructed her to obtain a money wire and send it to the car rental agency “Arti Greece.” The victim didn’t think anything of this phone call because her grandson has traveled abroad before and it didn’t seem like a scam.

When she went to Walmart, employees told her the transaction could not be completed for an unknown reason. The man called her again the next day and told her to try sending the money to “UK Great Britain,” a police report said. This time the money went through.