Walmart employee, Customer Service Manager Lori Riggle, did the right thing by stopping 83-year old Billye Georgen from committing one of the greatest mistake at her age. She was about to be scammed in a phone scam, where the caller claimed that her grandson is jailed in Montreal (CA) after getting into a car accident.

Lori Riggle deserves an immediate pay rise and commendations from her employer.

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A skeptical Wal-Mart employee is all that kept a Cody woman from losing $2,700 to a phone scam.

Billye Georgen, 83, recently received a call from a man who said, “This is your favorite grandson.”

“Chris?” she replied. “That sure doesn’t sound like you.”

I have a cold, grandma, I’m in jail in Montreal, Canada, and need bail money, the caller said.

“Chris” told her he had been arrested for drinking and driving.

“He said he made a poor judgment call and hit a vehicle,” Georgen said. “He was calling me to bail him out by sending $2,700.”

“Chris” said he would have his lawyer call. And indeed, a “smooth-talking” person did call with instructions to send a MoneyGram wire transfer.

Georgen went to Wal-Mart to send the money, where customer service manager Lori Riggle said, “This is a scam and I will not let you send that money.

We have had other people in here with the same issue, and we’ve been warned by our MoneyGram service not to let people send money (in these cases) to people in Canada,” Riggle said. “I had a feeling she was sending it to people she didn’t know.

Riggle said she told Georgen, “You can get mad at me all you want, but I’m not taking your money.