]]>Last Thursday, the 99-year-old woman received a call from a person claiming to be a grandson in need of money to bail himself out of jail in Vancouver, Canada, said Agent Dan Ryan of the Palo Alto Police Department. She agreed to wire the man $4,800 sight unseen.

The con artist called the grandmother back later that day and convinced her to give him the tracking number, claiming the money had yet to arrive, Ryan said. It wasn’t until she talked with a relative afterward about the wire transfer that she realized she had been tricked.

Palo Alto police Detective Jason Jenkins swung into action after being notified of the crime. He contacted the company handling the wire transfer and learned the money hadn’t been collected due to a computer glitch, Ryan said. The detective convinced the company to return the entire amount to the woman.
Not everybody is lucky. Grandma was saved by a network glitch, and gets to take back her $4,800. That was close. phew…

Shame on the scammer – go get a life!