Old folks, watch-out for scammers who pretends to be your grandchild!

Generally, the scam works like this – the grandparent receives a
distressed phone call from who they believe is their grandchild. The
supposed grandchild typically explains that they are travelling in
Canada and have been arrested or involved in an auto accident and need
the grandparent to wire money to post bail or pay for damages-usually
amounting to a few thousand dollars. While many seniors have reported
the scam without falling prey to it, unfortunately, many others have
been victimized. One well-meaning grandmother sent $15,000 to scammers,
thinking she was helping a grandchild who had been in an auto accident.

The scammers may not know your real grandchild’s name, but they will try to “phish” out their name during the call… “Hi Grandpa, its me your grandson! Guess who am I!”

Perhaps only those old folks without any grand children might be saved from the scam.