On one hand, we are going to warn elderly folks to be careful when they receive distress calls that their children/grand children needs money to “bail-out” of whatever fake troubles they seemed to be in. On the other hand, this is going to cause the “cry-wolf” and dissensitization effect, because when the REAL grandson/children needs help, the elderly folks will take twice as long to respond to a real need.

So, it is not just about the lost of $37,000 and the warning signs that it sends across the entire internet. But the fact that if the elderly folks are going to receive real distress calls in future, the ones who may suffer are the kids.

“Oh, this is another scam” Hangs the phone.


WELD COUNTY – An 85-year-old woman is out $37,000 because she thought her grandson needed help getting out of Mexico.

She says she loves her grandson and would do anything for him. That love came at a price.

It started with a phone call last Wednesday.

“The resemblance to my grandson was so right on, that there were no red flags,” she said.

The 85-year-old woman swears it was her grandson on the other line. He told her he’d been traveling in Mexico and had been arrested for DUI.

“The bail had been set at $4,900,” she said.

So began this woman’s volley of phone calls with scam artists posing as lawyers – and as her grandson.

“He said grandma – he says I hate to put you through this, but please don’t notify mom and dad – I don’t want them stressed out,” she said.

So the 85-year-old kept it to herself, taking out money she’d invested for retirement so she could get her grandson out of Mexico. The lawyers, and her fake grandson, kept asking for more money.

Days later, after she prayed about it and looked at the Mexican embassy’s website, she realized she’d been targeted by a popular scam. She finally got in touch with her grandson, who was near Greeley.

“$37,000 could do so much good somewhere, maybe it can do some good alerting other grandparents who love their kids,” the woman said, crying. “I guess if you love your family more than money, you better watch out.”