Santa Barbara County District Attorney is warning about scammers that
target apartment renters. This could also happen in any other location,
so watch out.

According to sources, some people received an email reply from “owners” of a rental apartment on Craiglist, saying that they are out of country and are not available to transact. The scammers will ask the would-be-renter to fill up forms or even wire money to their account. However, the “owners” will continue to stay out of reach and may not reveal their real identity or contact information. Even if they provide any overseas phone number, they could be temporary phone lines similarly used in other scams like lottery scams.

If the scammers do not ask for money, then they might make use of the personal information that victims have supplied in the “rental forms” for identity theft.

Please becareful when you are dealing with individuals over the internet whom you have never met.

You can read up an article here.

Complaints can be sent to www.ic3.gov