We received this note:

We have been contacted by Global International Sweepstakes, who do
not want money.  They ask for a $5,000.00 money order made out to a
relative.  They will then meet us at our bank, deposit our “sweepstakes
winnings” and we still keep the $5,000.00.  What’s wrong?

Careful, this is a scam.

How would you be able to “keep” the $5,000 after it has been paid out to a relative, and why must that be done? Can’t they deduct any “fees” from the sweepstake money if it is real.

In a real sweepstake (everywhere), the authorities deducts any tax and fees from the winnings.

The WINNER in a REAL lottery PAYS NOTHING, not even a single cent, except probably for the cab fare to collect the check.

How this scam works is that they will ask you to pay the $5,000 first, while faking to arrange to meet up with you at the bank.

They might even meet you at the bank, and give you the check to bank in.

But don’t be happy. The $5,000 that you have paid earlier is gone for good.

The check that you deposited will be a fake check.

And you will be scammed.