It was brought to our attention (hey, we write like a 419ner) that some scammer is using the name of “Bluewater Rubber and Gasket” to solicit employees to help in “money transfers”.The official company website has stated that this is a scam.

As expected, the scammers would use free email addresses (e.g. bluewaterrubberandgasket@gmail.com) to try and fool people into believing that they are in fact from the company itself. However, we agree with the company’s fraudalert warning that no legal company would offer such a job, and that any offers would be done using the company’s official email address (e.g. company.com).

Which one would you believe?






There are some companies that would also use these free emails. However, where it comes to unsolicited offers etc, we must authenticate with the owners that they did in fact sent the emails. This could be done by verifying their legal company address and website, and contacting them using the information there. If a company is a legal company, there would be proper details of the company’s presence on the web these days.

Money transfer scams could be a fake check scam, or money mule scam. Please search these on our website to find out more.

A copy of the fraud email is attached for records here.