Original Question:

I was stupid enough to pay membership for this supposed job service website and now they have my debit card number and all the info on it, and they also have a good chunk of my social security number. Even if the bank cancels the transaction, I’m just not comfortable with the fact that these frauds have my info…and I’m wondering if I should close my bank account and open up a new one with a new account number an everything. Can I even do that? What would you do if you were in my situation? I need all the advice I can get…thank u to anyone that helps out.


1) Contact the bank to change the debit card number immediately.

2) If your social security number is in the wrong hands, it depends on your location. We recommend to file a police report immediately so that you will not be held liable if the scammers used your identity for illegal purposes. Contact your bank and key accounts (e.g. phone company) that someone may use your ID for scam.


3) Never pay to get a job, including memberships and offers received from unsolicited emails. If you are unsure, just go for the well-known job sites like Monster.com.

So far those that are scammed in job scams are those that want to try something that sounds too good to be true.