It is no longer uncommon to find a lot of individuals getting involved in scams and unscrupulous activities on the internet. The Web is full of opportunistic entities who only intend to get a quick buck from vulnerable and new users. You have to stay protected if you plan to set up a business on eBay so that you maintain your credibility and reputation.

Initial Tips

First of all, put an anti-fraud statement where it can be read by a lot of visitors on your web site. Explain the rules, regulations and policies when taking orders and bidding and indicate that you will immediately take legal action on anyone who attempts to exercise fraud. Each customer should provide their complete address and contact number.

The billing address should match the information placed on the file of the bank or credit card company. Email addresses issued by a legitimate internet service provider are more trustworthy compared to free email services. Although majority of internet users invest in free email, you have to get more information from the person to confirm truthfulness in transactions and to ensure that you will receive your payments.

You may send email verification to the client after an order has been placed. Ask the client to reply and confirm the order as well after email. You may consider availing of services that screen orders by validating the check, credit card and customer info. These usually come at a minimal fee, but you can easily find a few companies who may offer initial services for free. Contact system administrators about any problems that you may encounter on eBay.

The Right Attitude

Stay friendly and accommodating to all bidders on your eBay store, but you should constantly keep an eye out for people who seem to be bidding ridiculously. You should set a reserved price to prevent having your items sold at a lower price than the minimum you expected. You may also indicate how orders can be accepted or completed. Complete information, as well as the source of the information like ISP or domain based addresses should be checked thoroughly.

You may talk to other reputable sellers online, preferably those that belong in the same category, to get tips on how to deal with clients and potential scams. Ask for referrals and enumerate the usernames who have had bad records with existing sellers online. Be more careful when dealing with these individuals, or do not deal with them at all.

Getting Your Money

You may indicate how you wish the transaction to push through. During first-time transactions, sellers will usually require the buyers to pay first then provide them documents, receipts or any other evidence that payment has successfully been made. You may also check your PayPal or bank account to know if the exact amount has been paid for. You will then ship out the products as soon as confirmation is positive.

Other individuals who have had a number of successful transactions may agree to pay and ship out the product simultaneously. You have to build your reputation as the seller too by giving full information about yourself. Do not, however, just unknowingly give out personal information to strangers online. Never give out your credit card information unless you are sure about the other party. Fraudulent acts online can be avoided by staying wary.