In almost half of all the relationships out there, one or the other partner is cheating. This isn’t the most pleasant of statistics, but it’s true – more and more relationships are ending because people are dishonest. If you’re worried about whether or not your significant other is lying to you, here’s a way to find out and a tool you can use to catch a cheater.

It’s not hard to do, and you’ll have your answer in just a few hours from the time you start. Here are the steps broken down simply.

Step One:

This part is the hardest. You’ll need to make sure there’s a time when you’re able to get your hands on your significant other’s cell phone for ten minutes or so, without him or her knowing it. There’s no need to look at it for long, so finding a good time usually isn’t hard.

Want a few ideas on when and how do do this? Consider waiting for your partner to take a long shower or go to the store and leave the phone behind. Waiting for your partner to fall asleep is another choice – these have all been successfully used by others, but your life will dictate the best time.

Step Two:

Once you’ve managed to get the phone, it’s time to enter the call log. You’ll need to be able to take a look at all the calls that have gone out, as well as all the ones that have come in.

Use a piece of paper, a notebook, or even a computer to take down all the numbers you find. That shouldn’t take more than five to ten minutes, even for phones with a lot of calls. When you’re done, return the phone to where you found it.

Step Three:

This is the last step. It’s also the one that’ll tell you if there’s something weird going on with your partner and your relationship.

Now’s the time to find out who owns each phone number on the list you’ve made. That way, you’ll know exactly who the important person in your life spends his or her time talking to.

Want to find out information about the owner of a phone number? You’ll need to do what’s called a reverse phone lookup. In this case, it’ll be the key to catch someone who’s cheating.

Reverse phone lookups allow you to take a phone number and find out all the details about the owner of the phone it’s attached to. You’ll get their name and address, as well as detailed background data.

You’ll need to use a service that specializes in reverse phone lookups to do this. While they do cost a little, it’s not expensive. Make sure you choose a company that only charges a one time member ship fee, and you’ll be able to pay once and run unlimited lookups on all the numbers on your list.

Now, you’ll want to run a reverse phone number lookup on each and every one of those numbers you wrote down. When you get the information, write down the details. Look at it later to see if any suspicious call activity or names jump out at you.

This is one of the easiest ways to find out if your suspicions are true and get the information you need to confront your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. It’s an effective to catch a cheater and find out the truth about your relationship!