Claim? Claim what? Did he owe you any money!?

Ofcourse this is a scam. Money don’t fall from they sky! This is a 419 scam, or Advance Fee Scam.

The scammers did not contact you to “give you money”. They will want you to give them money first, then they will disappear.

—– Attached —–

This is to inform you that the verification and validation of your claims and email identity was successful. You have been approved to claim the sum of £ 450,000.00 by the Microsoft Promo Board. We have authorized our bankers to raise a non-deductible Bankers Cheque payable to you only.

An account would be created for you by our bankers using the details you have provided.. You would therefore be required to contact Mr. William Moris of NatWest Online Bank and present them with your details such as Full name, Address & Phone Number etc. for authentication. He would equally assist you with the transfer or investment of your funds.

You can reach him via email on:

EMAIL: natob_transferdepartment@live.com
EMAIL: mr.williamsmoris@london.com
TEL: +(44) 70457 28118
FAX: +(44) 700 592 1282

As instructed by Mr. William Moris, kindly send your details to both email addresses above. This is because of the number of emails he receives on a daily basis. (Kindly copy and paste address in your ‘TO’ Field).
For more information on your winnings, Please call the phone number below:

Barrister Martins Mark,
Tel Number: +44-70457-28923