The first thing a person should do about terrorism is to learn to respect it. Terrorism is real and it is very dangerous. When I say respect terrorism, I don’t mean that you have to educate yourself on every faction and extremist organization that exists today. What I’m saying is that you must learn to respect the threat and the problem.

To respect terrorism, you simply must learn to pay attention. I would recommend teaching yourself to pay closer attention by monitoring what goes on around your home. Monitor stationary objects. Monitor people. Monitor animals. Monitor anything and everything.

Stationary objects around your home are key to monitoring changes. Changes to stationary objects could mean somebody is attempting to enter, observe you or your home.

To give you an example of a manipulated stationary object, lets use as shrub in front of your window. You may have lived in her home for years, and not really paid attention to the appearance of the shrub in front of your window. However, when someone pushes through or by shrub, it has an obvious disturbed appearance. Pay attention to these things.

Talk to your neighbors. Get to know them. This doesn’t mean that you have to have dinner dates and have them over for a barbecue. This simply means speak to them, say hello, wave at them and smile. You should recognize your neighbors and recognize that something if wrong.

I wouldn’t advise that you tell your neighbors are getting to know them to better monitor possible terrorist attacks in your neighborhood. Of course, but will think you’re nuts. I would suggest simply being friendly.

Neighbors also play a key role in identifying if anything unusual was going on around your home while you were away. They can let you know if a strange vehicle was parking and observing your home or if anybody was moving about your property without your knowledge.

Learn to utilize tools, such as eyes and ears. The eyes and ears come from neighbors and associates. As mentioned earlier, they can help you identify a potential problem before it happens.

To get a little more in depth, you can actually create a log. The log would be used to record events that you feel may be significant to the security of your home or workplace. Make sure you include the date, information source, description, time and a large blank to place other important information.

This log can be very important in passing, accurate information to law enforcement agencies. The more detailed the log entry, the easier it is for police to investigate any potential problems.

What else can you do about terrorism?

One of the biggest problems today is the effect the threat of terrorism has on our personal rights. A lot of people become very frustrated and agitated to have to submit to security and law enforcement in regards to security.

This is a very difficult subject for many. A lot of people become infuriated or embarrassed when they are scrutinized further for security reasons.

There are many people that will attempt to provoke law enforcement and security into stringing them further for a possible threat. They do this so they can claim that their rights are being violated or they are being profiled for discriminatory reason. This is done in order to file lawsuit for monetary gain.

People that file bogus law suits or stimulate unfounded emotions in others simply gain attention are a major problem when it comes to the war on terror. The problem is our police officers and public servants have to focus on two problems. One of the problems is the actual terroristic threat and the other problem is the individuals attempting to stir up controversy so that they may sue for a large sum of money.

So, with that being said, swallow your pride. Understand that security a law-enforcement or simply performing a duty. Do not take it personal. Do not try to turn it into a matter in which it is not. Understand that this is a war that requires cooperation.

How do you protect your home from terrorism?

There are many things you should not do. For example, many people had a spare key outside. Do not do this. If you’re being observed, you may not know it. An observer may see you hide the key then have easy access to your own.

Learn to place all of your possessions, items and outdoor tools and a certain place and ensure that you always keep it in that place. This will allow you to observe a disturbance of something is out of place.

Keep windows locked. Add extra security to your windows. Keep doors locked. Home alarms that emit loud noise is very effective in the touring not only criminals. But anyone attempting to enter your home illegally.

Owning a dog is a good idea. An inside dog is even better. The reason for this is that he will alert you when anything unusual is going on. If you’re not home, and the dog is inside, but he will bark when someone is attempting to disturb or enter your home. This will commonly scare them away.

Educate your children.

Your children should know how to dial 911. Believe it or not, many children have no idea that they should call 911 in an emergency. A lot of kids are scared to call 911 when they feel something is wrong. Teach them that it is better to call 911 and nothing be wrong than not call and they’re actually being a problem.

Another tactic used by criminals and possibly somebody meaning harm would be to call your home, and if a child answers, ask them if a parent is available. The child unknowingly he would answer no if nobody’s home. This will alert the intruder to the fact that there is only a child at home.

Teach the child to always tell anybody calling home that a parent is sleeping, showering or not available. This would inform their possible intruder that there is an adult present.

Live life like you always have.

Terrorism is designed to change your life into a life of fear. Overcome fear. That is what you must do.

When I say live your life like you always have, I did not mean to lead a blind life. As stated above, pay attention. However, carry on with the things that you’ve always done. While doing the things you’ve always done, pay attention to your surroundings.

A lot of people believe that there is a bigger threat after 9/11 than before 9/11. This is false. There has always been a threat. And there always will be a threat. Accept it, pay attention, smile and enjoy life.