Below is the attached email from Kim (with details excluded). We agree with her observation about the diversion and focus the shipping rather than the dog, which is the main subject of the transaction. The buyer seemed to show very little interest about the dog, but is rather eager to deal with the ‘shipment’ and ‘funds’ asap. The shipment company that comes with the free email address is certainly very fishy. In any case, we find that the lost of focus and diversion to a shipment company is suspicious, even if the email address is not from a free email service. Lastly, the purpose of using a check is because the scammer expects her to send the money to the ‘shipment’ company before it can be cleared.

This is the 3rd mail we received regarding pet-related scams so far, so we hope that others will find it useful.

Kim – tks for sharing.

—-Attached Email—-
From: Kim
Subject: Report Scam that is targeted at individuals

Below is the dialog that I got from a Yahoo user in response to my posting an ad on PetFinder.com for my dog.



How do I know it is a scam, 1 – he did not answer my questions about meeting half way to pickup Snoopy, 2 – He didn’t answer other questions about where Snoopy would be living at, 3 – he was immediately interested in my using his shipping company to Western Union Money to them, 4 – the shipping company has a FREE yahoo account like this guy.


This was a targeted FRAUD scam directed at me because I posted a PetFinder.com adoption ad for my Dog.


From: ken joeleen [mailto:ken_joeleen1@yahoo.com]



         How are you doing ?I hope the pet is doing great .i want to keep the pet in my loving home.i will offer $300 for the pet. i have a fenced yard and i will take good care of the pet as well payment will, payment will  be issued with a check or money order. The payment will bear the cost of the pet plus shipping cost which will be included in the payment.All you need to do is that as soon as you recieve the payment,you will deduct the $300 and then then contact the shipping company inorder to send the remaining funds to the shipper.here is the email of the shipping company globalshippingcompany07@yahoo.com for the remaining funds. that will enable the shipping company come for the pickup of the pet right in your destination without any stress. The funds sent will be the shipping cost.This simply means that you will not be paying the shipping company from your pocket . If you are okay with that kindly forward the name , address and your contact number to issue and send the payment as soon as possible.I’m willing to grant the pet the best in my home.a doctor will be coming together with the shipping company so that they can assure that the pet is okay.. A welcome party will be organised for the pet as soon as it arrive my home and some pictures of the pet with my family will be taken and some copies of it will be sent to you as well ….Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.


kindly email me the name ,address and your contact number to issue and send the payment.




“Kim” wrote:


Hi, my name is Kim, and Snoopy is my dog.



He is currently doing fine, these pictures were taken 4/2/07, it was 81 degrees outside and everyone was enjoying the day.  Picture #83 shows a side shot of Snoopy, Gizmo is the cage in the background.  #87 is a front shot to show his coloring.  #92 shows him checking out the yard with Nicole.  She is my Chi/Min Pincher mix.  She is also a hand full, she bosses Snoopy around.


Snoopy is currently on Iams Large breed dog food.   I also feed him a little popcorn (he catches the pieces as I throw them to him).  And he likes pizza a lot.



Adoption Fee will be reasonable, and offers will be reviewed.  But, if everything worked out, how would Snoopy get to you?  Is Indianapolis half way?



Do you have a farm or house? 

If you are still interested, after seeing him, write me back.






From: ken joeleen [mailto:ken_joeleen1@yahoo.com]

Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 10:17 AM

To: ken_joeleen1@yahoo.com



   How are you? I just saw the advert of your pet on petfinder, i am happy to tell you that i am interested in the adoption.I reside in illinois [ Preoria ] at the risk of sounding too rude i will be glad to know the ask asking price and if i will be allowed to make an offer that will be appreciated as well. I will be glad to know the present condition of the pet , Are you the owner, the type of food it takes. And i will be happy to view the pics of the pet if available. Hope to hear from you.