Puppy scams appear to be on the rise recently. On one hand, buyers are scammed when they paid but did not receive their pets. On the other, sellers are scammed into paying for shipment or other costs before they can get their pets delivered.

And while we keep telling people not to send their personal information over to strangers, we have so many online social networking sites with billions of personal pictures posted. The scammers are not short of resources for their scam. They can simply capture any images of a model, pet or products by others to help in their scamming. Don’t be surprise if your pet’s picture has been used to scam someone else, as mentioned in the news by 10news.com.

10News Investigates Online Puppy Scams

Pedigreed puppies are worth big money, especially to cons running an international scam. Now, the effort to protect consumers from a scam is picking up steam.

Joy Schick’s Yorkshire terrier Lord Fredrick was part of the family, but at 17 years old, he got sick and had to be put to sleep.
Click here to find out more! Schick decided to get a new puppy, but nixed her neighborhood pet shop.

“We just thought their prices were a little out of range. They wanted $3,000 for a Yorkie,” said Schick.

Schick stumbled on a newspaper classified ad that offered a purebred Yorkshire for $400.

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