A visitor received a job offer from “Savidy Associates”.

“I have received an email and offer of a part time job from Savidy Associates, a Cyprus based company, completing forms etc, this is from their email:-
“We are Savidy Associates a Cyprus based company we offer our clients (both old and new) overseas and local/foreign offshore companies incorporation services. what we require is you to serve between us and our clients in united kingdom. You will be working from your home, receiving Reference letters, documents from our clients in around the globe that are requesting for our service and they make payments for these services that is why you are required  to serve between Us and our Clients.”

15 years ago before internet became a common thing, this “could” have also been an unlikely job offer. Most import and export companies DO NOT require any intermediaries around the world to help them with paper works and transferring of cash. Why trust a completely, new employees with collection and transferring of payment. If you run a company, don’t you think this would be a risk? Ofcourse, no one that we know of, does that.

Geez, why would they pay you to “receive reference letters, etc”? Don’t they have a mailing address to receive that themselves? Why incur an additional step and cost of hiring someone to do that? Isn’t it cheaper to hire a local clerk/retiree to run this administrative task? This is no Biggy. What worries is is the next statement:

“…and they make payments for these services that is why you are required  to serve between Us and our Clients.”

Today, internet business is such a common thing. Heard of PayPal? WorldPay? Wire Transfers? Money Order? (this is old).

To kick off this investigation, we did a simple check on the web and found nothing about “Savidy Associates”. In general, we dislike dealing with companies that

1) Has bad track records all over the web (esp. when it reads “SCAM” everywhere, and also in BBB’s record).

2) Does NOT have any records at all.

For the purpose of determining whether we can trust them, No Records = Bad Records = Cannot be trusted.

Secondly, if this isn’t a money mule scam (search “money mule” on our website), then it could be a fake check scam.

They will send a fake check from a “customer” to you, and ask you to wire your own cash out to them. Note that the clearance time frame for banks may vary, even when it seemed that the money appears to get into your bank account. After, say about 10 days, the bank finds out that the check is fake, they would request you to RETURN the money. Ouch.

Well, scams are complicated these days. In addition to the above, they MIGHT make one or 2 transactions look real, before sending you a BIG CHECK to clear.

Scams aim to exploit your weakness (gives you what you want dearly) and then builds up your trust and confidence, before making the final kill. This is the basic mindset and applies everywhere, including the famous Madoff Ponzi scams where even celebrities were exploited of their wants and trusts.