Pantip Plaza is a computer shopping mall located in Bangkok. It is located around the corner from the BTS (Train Station) at Ratchathewi, and is near to the First Hotel and a foreign embassy.

There are many food stalls outside the plaza, selling local food and
drinks. Upon entering the Plaza, you will be greeted by numerous
stores in the Foyer – every square ft seemed to be fully utilised
either for rental or walking with no space wasted. There are 2
elevators on the extreme left and right of the entrance, leading all
the way to the 3rd floor.

As expected, there are many shops selling computer products… and almost as many shops selling pirated softwares, movies and games at every level. Generally the price of softwares (per CD) is about 150 Baht, or less than 5 US Dollars, while the cheapest is as low as 120 Baht. Movies and music CDs seemed cheaper while games cost a lot more. DVD prices are about 50 or 100 Baht more.

The shops do not keep any of the physical stock of CD, VCD and DVD. Instead, you will find several thick ‘Catalogs’ neatly categorised by softwares, movies, music and games. Each CD comes with a number for ease of ordering. And there are XXX movies but kept away from the table unless you ask. After you have made an order, the seller will take the money and give you a piece of paper (supposed to be a receipt but without any company logo) with the CD numbers and ask you to come back in 20 mins. During that time, they will get a runner to pick up the CD and deliver to the store. We suppose that the shop keepers stay out of trouble by not keeping physical stocks in their shop.

The prices may be attractive but visitors and tourists may feel intimidated by the constant pulling and dragging to the individual stores (so becareful when you walk near any of these stores). We recommend going in groups and be friendly even when you are irritated by the persistent sales effort. It is very hard not to buy anything at all… *blinks*.