This news was dug out sometime in June 06 last year. A woman by the name of Mary Winkler killer her husband, after an argument over money lost in a 419 scam. Note this important paragraph here:

“In some versions of the scam, con artists
send their victims checks for what they are told are partial winnings.
The victims deposit the checks in their accounts, then draw on them to
pay the thousands of dollars in “processing fees” that the con artists
ask for. “Everything is just fine, but then four or five days later,
your bank calls and says that check you deposited was bogus,” Kane said.

In Mary Winkler’s case, she deposited several suspicious
checks from Canada and Nigeria for a total of $17,500, authorities said”

In most cases, the people who are most likely to get tricked by such scams may not be in very good financial status. The scammers are no better than a murderer themselves.