So, the story goes that Mr… erm, Michael Izaghi of Ghana, a so-called procurement officer working part-time as a corrupted social engineer (aka CONMAN), is asking your help to transfer some money out of their account.

Don’t believe him! He may say that there is no risk involved in receiving the money, but he didn’t say that there is 100% risk involved if you send ANY money to him, for whatever reasons!

Ask for his picture… you will see the words “Busted by Hotscams.com” written on his forehead… use a magnifying glass if you need. Or send his picture to us and we will prove it.

MR MICHEAL IZAGHI <jsrbs10009@googlemail.com>     Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 1:21 AM
Reply-To: mizaghi@ymail.com
Attention Sir,

Before I introduce myself, I wish to inform you that this letter is not a hoax mail and I urge you to treat it as urgent as with seriousness. I am a Director in Procurement Department with Ministry of Works and Housing here in Ghana . I obtained your email while searching for a reliable person, who could assist me in receiving transfer of a supposed contract awarded funds.

This fund came as a result of over estimated contract awarded sums executed by foreign contractors in the Ministry. The concerned Ministry has approved these over invoiced funds for payment. The contracts which the over invoiced sums was created from has been executed and commissioned. What I am about to receive now, is the over estimated funds which was added during the process of obtaining the contracts for my own interest. This is a normal deal that goes in my Ministry by top officials.

On my part, all modalities have been worked out in ensuring a smooth conclusion of the contract payment to your bank account within the next few days. My department approves payments to contractors, and I happen to head the department. All I want from you is to receive these funds on my behalf as a Sub-Let Company, because as Government Official I cannot collect the funds directly from my Ministry, neither I am allowed by Law to operate/ run foreign bank accounts. If you are trustworthy and can assist me in receiving the fund, do not hesitate to respond back to me immediately.

Please note that there is no risk involved in receiving the over estimated contract funds in your account. I want you to state in percentage what you shall have for participating in assisting me got this transaction done. As soon as you indicate your interest, further details and the amount involved shall be given to you once I receive response from you. I hope I can trust you to treat this proposal with utmost confidentiality.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest

Best regards,

Mr Micheal Izaghi