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1) Work At Home Offers: Scams like “Pay $80 to get a job to earn good money by sending mails from home”.

2) Counterfeit Prescriptions: Cheap bogus drugs or drugs with lesser content.

3) Mystery Shopper Scam: Aka Fake Check scam. Scammers will send a check to you. After you bank the check and wire out most of the money, the bank will ask you to return it after finding that its a fake check.

4) Credit Card Phishing: Scammers call and impersonate credit-card companies, and ask for your credit card details “due to unusual activities”.

5) High Yield Investment Programs: Offers of “investment plan” that should be called “High Risk Investment Programs” instead.

6) Lottery Scam: A very common email and phone sms scam.

7) 419 Scam: A very common email scam originated from Nigeria, but is now appearing from many other places.

9) Garage Sale Payment: Buyers pay with bounced check.

10) Property Tax Reduction