Please see this submitted report:


I signed up for Match.com about a month ago. Immediately I received an
instant message from someone claiming to be named Annie Morgan. She said
she lives in Brownsville TX. After asking “her” some questions, such as
how’s the beach (Brownsville is near Padre Island, a major beach resort
in Texas), this person claimed they didn’t know- that she was located
outside Waco. Which is a bunch of BS. Waco is no where near Brownsville.
She had no idea and kept claiming to be in in Brownsville, near Waco. No
such thing.

Long story short: we exchange pictures. We exchange emails. I try to
arrange a phone conversation- “she” claims her phone is “broken” (lol).
Is about to go to Africa to visit a relative and will call me from
there. I get a phone call some time later. Very strange sounding person,
like a garbled robot voice. Really poor voice quality. “She” says will
call back later because of bad phone reception. Never get a call back,
but numerous emails about “missing me” and would like to stop by my city
on way back to Brownsville from Africa. Wanted me to send $400 to
complete cost of flight to meet. Sent me the following info to wire
money via Western Union.

Name …………Annie Morgan
State…………..Lagos State
Zip code……….23401

Email used: annie.morgan76@yahoo.com
Number on my cell phone’s caller ID: 2348091515709